The Tale of Patternaster Falls

A Short Synopsis

After their father commits suicide, leaving them in charge of their family’s destitute funeral home, the Birch brothers, Elder (Noam Tomaschoff), Jake (Collin Medford), and Box (Ian Boullion), attempt to grant his last request to be buried in the church cemetery, but are stonewalled by Pastor Mike (Kyle Minshew). When the creditors start calling, it seems like the Birch Family Funeral House might go under for good, until an off-hand joke by the town Sheriff (Stephanie Farcas) gives them a dark idea that might offer a chance to save the family business AND get their revenge on Pastor Mike.



The Ballad of the Birch Bros.

A Musical Pitch

Pitching a movie is hard work. It’s not easy to get your vision across to people who haven’t been involved in the creative process. So Ben and Craig decided that the best way to get everyone in the spirit of things, would be to record a little ditty in the style of tall-tales and folk songs that might be popular in Patternaster Falls. We hope y’all enjoy!


A Family Affair

Made in tennessee

Director, Ben Nelson, and Writer, Craig Clayton’s home of Knoxville, Tennessee serves as the fictional setting of Patternaster Falls and the 10-day, Summertime shoot was made possible by the generosity of local businesses and townsfolk, proving once again that southern hospitality is unrivaled. Featuring historic Tennessee locations, the film takes Southern Gothic to a whole new level. 

Made by a cast and crew of (mostly) NYU students and recent graduates who worked for little more than some southern cooking and the chance to put their educations to work, Karkass Karts is a passion project on all fronts.

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