Karkass Karts Screens at NYU's First Run Film Festival


New York University's First Run Film Festival, which features films from the undergraduate and graduate film community, played host to the premiere screening of Karkass Karts this past weekend! Much of the cast and crew were in attendance, as well as a sizable group of people who  knew nothing of the film. Needless to say, Craig and I were shitting bricks as the lights went down (hence the multiple flasks we had stashed away). Once the screening started, though, and the audience started laughing, all the anxiety vanished and we were both able to enjoy the experience. 

People laughed at stuff that we had honestly forgotten was funny. It's strange... when you work on a film for so long, you grow numb to all the good things and only see the things you wish you could change. I think that's especially true with comedies—all the jokes become stale. Seeing it with a fresh audience allowed us to see the film for the first time again, and, let me tell you, it was a very welcome change.

We'll hopefully have many more screenings in the future!